The Colors of Health: An Integrated Marketing Initiative

The Colors of Health initiative uses the power and appeal of color to communicate the health benefits of fruits and vegetables—and to promote increased purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables for better health. With color at its core, this program is designed to help people move from passive awareness of health benefits to active achievement of their 5 cups a day goal.

Shop-By-Color Guide

About 75% of all produce consumed is eaten or prepared at home. So, it stands to reason that eating more fruits and vegetables starts with buying more, and the best place to do that is at your local supermarket or grocery store. The handy and informative Shop-By-Color Guide provides important reasons why eating from each of the 5 color groups is important for better health and has lots of suggestions for varieties of fruits and veggies of all colors. It’s the fun and easy way for the whole family to shop The Color Way.™

Mobile App

The Colors of Health Mobile App has been developed to help you get on track, and stay on track, to the recommended 5 cups a day of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables for better health. You’ll find quick facts about the health benefits associated with each of the 5 color groups and you can easily plan your shopping buy browsing numerous selections of fruits and vegetables in each group. As you select items, you’ll be creating a colorful shopping list.

The Colors of Health Mobile App makes it easy to track what you’ve eaten each day, building a colorful and clear picture of how many colors and how many cups you’re averaging each day, on your way to achieving your goal. You’ll even get an instant guide to “What’s a cup?” and “What’s a half cup?” and even “What’s a quarter cup?) of dozens and dozens of fruits and vegetables in all their forms—fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice. That way, all the fruits and veggies you eat will add up as you move toward your daily goal.

Web Site

The Colors of Health website is your permanent base station for your connecting point to family and friends sharing in the goals of better health. Along with lots of important background and information, the site connects with The Colors of Health Mobile App to help track your progress.

The Most Influential Settings:
Supermarkets and Foodservice


With 400- to 500-million visits per week across America, the supermarket environment is the most influential place in which to educate and motivate shoppers to buy more and eat more fruits and vegetables.

“As architects of choice, supermarkets have a unique opportunity to help shoppers achieve better health goals. If we can find healthy ways to harness the power of the store environment, we’ll go a long way toward showing parents how to make healthy choices.”

—Sam Kass, Executive Diretor of Let's Move! and White House Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy

Key Messages

The Colors of Health shopper-marketing and communications tools are part of a highly engaging, shopping and eating guidance system for the whole family. It starts with two key messages of The Colors of Health initiative—"Colors Mean Health." "Eat 5 Cups A Day." The 5-color model and the colorful measuring cup symbolize the color-guided and goal-oriented approach that's at the heart of the system.

Color-Guided Communications

A complete system of colorful and informative messages and signage has been developed to help shoppers “Think Color” as they look for, and add, items from each of the 5 color groupings. Color is the trigger that helps consumers move from passive awareness to active engagement, as they get on track toward reaching their daily consumption goal. 

Shop By Color

Color-based shopper marketing communications tools help customers of all ages get engaged and stay engaged as they look for and try more varieties of fruits and vegetables to achieve their goal: 5 Cups. 5 Colors. Every Day.


Throughout The Store

All throughout the store, The Colors of Health can bring added incentive for shoppers to look for and buy more varieties of colorful fruits and veggies in all forms. Whether it’s fresh, frozen, canned, dried or 100% juice, getting 5 cups a day starts with buying more fruits and vegetables, to eat or prepare at home.





All of the foodservice operations across the country—including nearly one million restaurants and the national school lunch programs—provide an enormous opportunity to influence and help people of all ages reach their "5 cups, 5 colors, every day" goal.

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